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EarthKill… is a riveting novel about Earth in it’s final days. There are amazing and unnatural occurrences as our ancestors arrive at the final stage to rescue the chosen few from certain death. Heart-wrenching survival and rescues create a vision of unparalleled experiences that will haunt your thoughts long after you have completed reading this novel. Travel through time and space to another galaxy, to another culture rich in tradition and a Waseakan Council, which maintains a lifestyle that has ruled for centuries. You will discover Scifi and romance in an epic fiction novel , which will compel you to turn pages.
Jana Kay Williams awakened, shivering from the bitter cold inside her apartment. She leaned over on her bed to look out her cracked and dirty window at the foreboding sky above. For many years, it had been obscure. Now, she viewed an ominous darkness overhead with very little daylight shining through the toxic mist shrouding Earth. The lack of sun created a freezing atmosphere that would bite at your uncovered face. When outside her building, the toxic stench that filled the polluted air burned the inside of her nose. She knew this day would be no different from the days of the last year. The shuttles sent from Zentorien to transport Earth's chosen populace would arrive on Earth. The more fortunate souls would be crowded on one of the large spacecraft and depart to start a new life on the planet Lenora.
EarthKill...Lenora, The Conversion,
EarthKill...The Struggle For Freedom

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